Friday, 5 February 2016

Warm Fuzzies - Positive Behaviour Reward

Each day as we spot the children making good choices, being role models, doing the right thing etc. we hand out warm fuzzies (pom poms) .  They have their own containers at the front of the room to store them in.  At the end of the week we count how many warm fuzzies we got.

We then fill in our warm fuzzie reward sheet.  You will find these each week in our notebook.  It will tell you how many we got and one thing we want to work on for next week.  Please sign that you have seen it.  This will also give you an opportunity to reinforce the great work they are doing and help motivate them with their goal for the next week.

For each warm fuzzie they get 10 house points.

Friday afternoons is going to be our developmental time where we play different activities that are aimed at reinforcing key skills - social, physical, and curriculum.

The person with the most warm fuzzies gets to choose which activity they want to do, the person with the second most chooses next, etc. etc.  There are only 3 spots at each activity so they want to earn as many as they can so that they get to choose something they want, rather being left to fill the gaps.

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