Monday, 29 August 2016

Mad Scientist Monday

What happens when I put raisins in Sprite?

Our Hypothesis:
it will sink - Volasinga
it will fizz up - Emma
it will explode - Briar
it will pop - Kyro
it will float - Sienna
it will take the flavour off the raisings - Cassie

The conclusion:
the raising were dancing - going up and down.

What made this happen?
I think in the cup there is gravity - Alicia
The bubbles makes them go up - Briar

If the bubbles make them go up - what makes them come down again?
- gravity makes them come down - Daniel
- the bubbles pop - Jaxon, Alec
- the gas in the lemonade - Briar
- my finger was magic and the raisins went up and down when I moved my finger. - Ellie

I wonder what would happen if we used worm lollie instead?

Some of us thought the same would happen.  Alicia thought they were too big so they would be too heavy to float.

Alicia was right!

I wonder what would happen if we made them smaller? If we cut them in half would this made a difference?

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Fingerprint Doodles

One of our stations today was fingerprint doodles. Here are some of our doodles

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Our Assembly Star

Sienna is working hard even with a broken arm!

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One time basically in the jungle, I got lost because my family went away.
I was terrified when I didn’t see them anywhere. So tears were dripping down my face. Mum started to cry because she thought she had lost her children. We found each other at last.
I felt safe with her.

By Charlotte

Monday, 22 August 2016

Mad Scientist Monday

What will happen when we push sharp pencils through a plastic bag filled with water?

We thought the water would spurt out- but it didn't!

We even pushed more pencils through! The water still stayed in!

- How does it work??

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Friday, 19 August 2016

Last blog

Hi guys, here is my last blog as I am on my way home and will see you all on Monday.
Yesterday was our last day in Paris look at the photo- can you tell where we went?

- Here is another clue

It was so much fun though some of the rides were pretty freaky!The day before we visited a very fancy palace and a museum.

Do you know what this painting is called? I will tell you all about it on Monday!
Love Mrs Moore
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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Amazing Reading

Mrs Moore, Kyro has been doing amazing reading while you have been away.  He is trying to make sure it looks right, sounds right and makes sense.  He is trying to make his reading sound like talking and is even using different voices when he reads!

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Paris day 2

Guess what we have been eating in France- can you tell from the pictures? Not everybody was keen but we had to try them!

We went to some amazing places today. Do you know any of them? Ralph- I bet you recognise the first one!

- love Mrs Moore
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Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hi guys, thanks for your last message. The dancing sounded like fun- I have some videos of Bretonne dancing to show you too! We are now in Paris which is very exciting!
Last night we went for tea by the river and today we went for a bike ride all around Paris which was so much fun!
Love from
Mrs Moore

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Merrin International Dance Groups

Today we didn't get to be Mad Scientists.  Instead we were lucky to watch the students from Merrin School in Christchurch.  Their International Dance Groups came to perform for us.

They had amazing costumes and they were very talented.

Check out the video of their show.

Friday, 12 August 2016


Hi everyone,
We have had a great time here in Lorient watching Britney dancing. She has danced in a great big stadium, on a big stage, in a tent and even in the street.

- we have tried food here from all over the world!

These were yummy- you dip them in chocolate or caramel sauce and they are hot.
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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Mad scientist Monday

This week we looked at water and paper towels.

We set up 3 glasses. The glasses on the outside had different coloured water (red or blue, blue or yellow, yellow or red).  The glass in the middle had no water.  We put one end of the paper towels into the water and the other end into the middle of the glass.

What will happen we wondered?  Would the paper break up?  Would the paper change colour?  Jaxon thought the water would go into the other glass but didn't know how it would do it.

By the end of the day the water had gone up to the top of the paper and was starting to come down the other side.  One group had coloured water starting to drop into the middle glass.

We left the glass overnight and would check what happened in the morning.  Some of us thought that the water would overflow and there would be a puddle on the desk.

In the morning we found that the water had moved into the middle glass.  The water in the middle glass was a different colour - the red and blue glasses had purple in the middle.  The yellow and blue glasses had green in the middle and the yellow and red glasses had orange.

The water didn't overflow - all the water was the same height in each glass!  Why did that happen?

What would happen if- we used different kinds of paper - newspaper, toilet paper, normal paper or cardboard.  Would the same thing happen?

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Snowy Saturday

On Saturday I woke up and started to read and then my Mum came in and said it is snowing.  I jumped out of bed and went to look out of the window. And there in front of me I saw a thick layer of snow.  It looked like a white sheet.  I kept begging to go outside.  Mum said you need to wait.  We made a big snowman.

By Briar.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


From London we caught a really fast train to Paris. It went under the sea and could go as fast as 300km per hour! We had lunch on the train.

When we got to Paris we got onto another train that bought us to Canes. Its very different only hearing people talking French. In Canes there is a castle on a hill right in town and lots of amazing churches.

Yesterday we went to Normandy and went to a real German bunker. There was a lot of things from the war there.

We climbed all around inside the bunker. This photo is a model of it.
Today we are going on another train to Lorient where Britney is.
Love from Mrs Moore
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