Tuesday, 9 August 2016


From London we caught a really fast train to Paris. It went under the sea and could go as fast as 300km per hour! We had lunch on the train.

When we got to Paris we got onto another train that bought us to Canes. Its very different only hearing people talking French. In Canes there is a castle on a hill right in town and lots of amazing churches.

Yesterday we went to Normandy and went to a real German bunker. There was a lot of things from the war there.

We climbed all around inside the bunker. This photo is a model of it.
Today we are going on another train to Lorient where Britney is.
Love from Mrs Moore
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  1. How was it in the war thing? I hope you had a brilliant time on the fast train. Love from Briar.

  2. Hello Briar,Johnny especially loved the war thing and I thought it was pretty interesting.There were lots of real things from the war and lots of stories and pictures. I really loved the fast train. It was very flash. You could even plug your phone in and it had wifi! We also had a really yummy meal on it- Did you see our table in the picture?
    Love Mrs Moore