Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Hong Kong

So our holiday isn't going quite as planned. We arrived into Hong Kong to typhoon warnings- ask Mrs Aberhart about that- and the airport shut down. The photos are of all the bags at the airport, but not ours( its still in the basement somewhere) and all the queues. We had to get a train then a taxi to a hotel and now we can't go anywhere. Britney is in a different hotel.

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  1. To Mrs Moore.I hope that you had a splendid time in Hong Kong.How does it feel to be such a long way away?How is Britney doing on her travels?What did you did eat when you were stuck in the airport?I miss you. Hugs and kisses from Briar.

  2. Hi Briar,
    I didn't see much of Hong Kong when we were there as everything was shut down. We just saw out the window of the bus. There was trees blown down and lots of water. It feels very funny to be so far away- especially knowing that I am just getting up when you are getting ready for bed. Britney has arrived in Paris and has a few hours before they catch the bus to Lorient. I had McDonalds at the airport, I was very hungry as I had been lining up all day! I miss you too. Xxx