Wednesday, 3 August 2016


Good news- after a long day queuing at the airport with thousands of people we have managed to get a flight to London tonight instead of tomorrow. We are off soon. Do you like the photo of the airport roof and window? What shapes can you see?
Mrs Moore

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Britney is off too- she is on a plane on her way to Paris


  1. Hi Mrs Moore,
    We miss you. We found triangles, diamonds, squares, a cylinder and rectangles. Ralph found a semi-circle! We hope that you will have a fun time when you get to London. Did you feel comfortable when the typhoon started? Was it a bumpy ride to Hong Kong? What did you have to eat? Did you feel scared when the typhoon started? Where are you now? What did you do while you were waiting?

    Love from Room 13

  2. I miss you too! We finally got to London this morning! It was a bit bumpy flying into Hong Kong but not to bad. We had to rush to our hotel before the typhoon started. I was too tired to be scared- I slept through most of it. In the morning we had to stay inside the hotel so we just had breakfast and talked to lots of people who had been on our plane- then we got a shuttle to the airport and had to wait in lines all day! We slept most the way to London because we were pretty tired. I had pasta, salad and a breadroll for supper on the plane and chocolate icecream and for breakfast I had bacon and eggs. Yummy!