Friday, 12 August 2016


Hi everyone,
We have had a great time here in Lorient watching Britney dancing. She has danced in a great big stadium, on a big stage, in a tent and even in the street.

- we have tried food here from all over the world!

These were yummy- you dip them in chocolate or caramel sauce and they are hot.
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  1. Hi Mrs Moore

    We went to the hall and we saw some cool dancers from Merrin School in Christchurch. We saw some chinese dancers with pink fans. They waved them in the air. It looked like a flower. The jingle things on their clothes made a noise like a bell as they dance.

    We also saw a candle dance by the Filipino's. It was lucky that they didn't burn themselves.

    There were also some Korean dancers who played some drums and some solo artists. One girl played a harp and another was a ballerina. We had fun.

    We have got a new kind of PE Shed! You will have to see it when you come back.

    What have you been doing the last few days.

    We miss you. See you next week.
    Love Room13