Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Mad Scientist Monday

Today we looked at what happens when you put salt on ice.

We had 2 blocks of ice.  1 block we sprinkled salt on, and the other one was for us to compare with.

We noticed that the salt got wet then it froze.  Then the ice started to dissolve.  We could see something happening, but couldn't quite tell what it was.  Mrs Aberhart added some dye so that we could see what was happening to the ice.

Our blocks that we could compare the differences with.  This ice is melting because it is the heat in the room that is making it go from ice to liquid.

After lunch we had a closer look.  Where there was more salt, more of the ice block had dissolved.
There were pretty patterns happening with the ice.  These ice blocks were dissolving because the salt was making it go from ice to water quicker.

We discovered that adding salt to ice makes it go away quicker.  It also makes the top of the ice bumpy.  We think this will help us because if it was smooth we would fall over.

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