Thursday, 11 August 2016

Mad scientist Monday

This week we looked at water and paper towels.

We set up 3 glasses. The glasses on the outside had different coloured water (red or blue, blue or yellow, yellow or red).  The glass in the middle had no water.  We put one end of the paper towels into the water and the other end into the middle of the glass.

What will happen we wondered?  Would the paper break up?  Would the paper change colour?  Jaxon thought the water would go into the other glass but didn't know how it would do it.

By the end of the day the water had gone up to the top of the paper and was starting to come down the other side.  One group had coloured water starting to drop into the middle glass.

We left the glass overnight and would check what happened in the morning.  Some of us thought that the water would overflow and there would be a puddle on the desk.

In the morning we found that the water had moved into the middle glass.  The water in the middle glass was a different colour - the red and blue glasses had purple in the middle.  The yellow and blue glasses had green in the middle and the yellow and red glasses had orange.

The water didn't overflow - all the water was the same height in each glass!  Why did that happen?

What would happen if- we used different kinds of paper - newspaper, toilet paper, normal paper or cardboard.  Would the same thing happen?

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