Monday, 29 August 2016

Mad Scientist Monday

What happens when I put raisins in Sprite?

Our Hypothesis:
it will sink - Volasinga
it will fizz up - Emma
it will explode - Briar
it will pop - Kyro
it will float - Sienna
it will take the flavour off the raisings - Cassie

The conclusion:
the raising were dancing - going up and down.

What made this happen?
I think in the cup there is gravity - Alicia
The bubbles makes them go up - Briar

If the bubbles make them go up - what makes them come down again?
- gravity makes them come down - Daniel
- the bubbles pop - Jaxon, Alec
- the gas in the lemonade - Briar
- my finger was magic and the raisins went up and down when I moved my finger. - Ellie

I wonder what would happen if we used worm lollie instead?

Some of us thought the same would happen.  Alicia thought they were too big so they would be too heavy to float.

Alicia was right!

I wonder what would happen if we made them smaller? If we cut them in half would this made a difference?

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