Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hi guys, thanks for your last message. The dancing sounded like fun- I have some videos of Bretonne dancing to show you too! We are now in Paris which is very exciting!
Last night we went for tea by the river and today we went for a bike ride all around Paris which was so much fun!
Love from
Mrs Moore

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  1. Hi Mrs Moore, your pictures look fun! I love hearing from you on the blog about what you did. I've heard that you had a great ride on your bike. Is Bretonne the best dancer in the world? from Alec

  2. To Mrs Moore, Was it great when you had tea at the river?I had fun when it was snowing. I made a snowman. I put a stick when it melted I was very very sad about that. Love from Daniel.

  3. Hi Alec,
    Bike riding was fun. bretonne dancing is a sort of dancing that I thought we could try when I get back. I saw a lot of it at the festival and we even had a go at doing it.
    Love Mrs Moore

  4. Hi Daniel,
    I was a bit jealous of the snow- I love playing in the snow! It is very hot here- 31 degrees today. I felt like I melted!
    Love Mrs Moore

  5. Hi Mrs Moore
    What did the frog legs taste like and the snails?
    What else have you been doing in Paris?
    I went to clip and climb with the Pippins recently.
    I miss you and look forward to you coming back :-)
    Love from Cassie

  6. Hi Cassie,
    The frog legs tasted a bit like chicken wings and the snails had lots of garlic on them so mostly I could taste garlic! Clip and Climb is always good fun. See you next week.
    Love Mrs Moore