Friday, 5 August 2016


I hear that it is snowing! How exciting. It is really hot here. Today we went to a wax museum, it was full of famous people that looked real but were made of wax. Who do you recognise?

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  1. Hi Mrs Moore
    It is very cold here today. It snowed for a little bit but then the sun came out and melted the snow. Then it snowed again, but not enough to stay on the ground.

    Mrs Aberhart was so disappointed today because the snow didn't settle. We had to stay at school ALL day.

    We recognised the Queen, Princess Kate, Prince William, Spiderman, Shrek and the gingerbread man.

    We are loving seeing all your lovely pictures. Are you having a good time? Are there any other people that you saw at the wax museum? Charlotte wants to know if you have been eating junk food. Cassie wants to know if you have tried any new foods. Ellie wants to know if you have been to any other places.

    We love you
    From Room 13