Monday, 12 September 2016

Mad Scientist Monday

Today we had a bottle, vinegar, a balloon and baking soda.

We put vinegar into a dry water bottle.  Into the balloon we put some baking soda.  Very carefully we put the balloon onto the bottle.  Then we tipped the balloon up so the baking soda went into the vinegar.

What did we think would happen?
- mixture will go white - Jaxon
- mixture will go all the way to the top - Briar
- when the mixture goes up it will go into the balloon and it will go up - Emma
- balloon will pop - Charlotte

What happened?

The mixture fizzed and went white.  There were lots of bubbles and the mixture went about half way up the bottle.  The balloon went up!

Why did this happen?
The bubbles of gas popped and the gas went up into the balloon.

I wonder... will they still be up in the morning?

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