Friday, 14 October 2016

Arty farty Friday

This term we are having Arty Farty Fridays. On Fridays we are going to explore different types of art.

This week we are looking at Barbara Reid.  She writes and illustrates her own books.  Instead of painting she makes her pictures out of plasticine.

She has some videos on Youtube that showed us how she goes about making her pictures.

First we drew a sketch of what we wanted to make.  Then we followed her different techniques and made our own pictures.  Spreading, rolling and adding texture were some of the techniques we used.

Plasticine - we had to mix colours to get the rights shades.  We discovered that red, orange and black made dark brown.  Orange, yellow and black made light brown.

It was hard work kneading the plasticine.  Our fingers and hands got tired.

You build your picture up so that it is like a 3D picture.  First you do the background, then you start to add more details on top.  Sometimes we rolled it into a sausage to make the shape then spread more in between the lines.

Here is Emma's sketch and her finished work.

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  1. I really loved the look of the ones I got brought down to me on Friday ... What clever clogs you are Room 13.

    That would have given you strong hands!