Blog Guidelines

This is an e-learning network (not a social network) that begins with our classroom. We hope that others will join our community but expect all members to agree to the rules below.

We will:
  • Keep ourselves anonymous at all times.
  • Only use our FIRST name when writing or our initials.
  • NEVER say/show/type our name if you can see our face.
  • Not write any of our DETAILS
  • - this includes phone number, address and personal email address

  • Be careful when putting PHOTOS on (we have permission slips signed by parents)
  • Ask PERMISSION when putting on other people's photos - tell them what you are going to do with the photos
  • Only display nice photos of other people (we don't want people to be embarrassed)

  • Try our hardest to get our SPELLING right

  • Be RESPONSIBLE when displaying our learning and giving feedback on our blog.
  • Only use SENSIBLE and KIND words

  • Use our computer time wisely.

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